Welcome to Blocfit

Blocfit provides climbing specific fitness training to climbers of all abilities. We work closely with our clients to help them achieve their climbing goals utilising different training styles and techniques to increase strength, power and endurance.


Whether you are a social or pro climber at some point your climbing will hit a plateau, at Blocfit we offer numerous services to kick start your climbing and help you be the best climber you can:

Assessments: Every new client undertakes an assessment to highlight strengths, weakness’ and set goals. Blocfit offers an independent assessment as a training aid for anyone who wants to train alone and is looking for some direction.

One on One personal training: Training with Blocfit founder Dave Culver

One on Two personal training: Perfect if you have a climbing partner at the same level, Dave can train you as a team so you progress together.

One on One technique coaching: Working with one of two Blocfit technique coaches to fine tune and iron out any technique issues.

Yoga: Every Wednesday the Blocfit studio is taken over by Yoga guru Sandra Berlin to provide a drop in yoga retreat.

The Studio

The Blocfit studio opened in October 2016 and is located at the Reach Climbing wall in south east London. The facility is kitted out with essential and effective climbing training equiptment; the studio boasts an impressive 45 degree training board set by British bouldering champion Matt Cousins, campus boards and a moveable symetry system board. This system board has a selection of crafted wood holds and moves from 5 to 25 degrees, perfect for power endurance drills.


Blocfit has worked with climbers of all abilities from novice to GB team members. Every climber requires a different approach to achieve their end goal of becoming a stronger climber. Blocfit supplies tailored training programs and positive training methods to maximise the clients gains whether that be core strength and power or endurance and functional mobility.

Comments from clients and people ive worked with ie Cousins, Vman, Tiff soi, O’leary, Storme Biggs, Gresham