Women’s Improvers

Women’s Improvers Sessions
with Xian

Every Tuesday

8pm - 9pm

A drop in class that will help you with your technique. You might get a suggestion that helps unlock your project :)


Beginner classes

Matt teaches technique across a number of gyms in London.

Matt will be running group technique classes on Saturday mornings to help introduce you to climbing in BlocFit. Whether you are brand new to the sport or just trying to find your feet our beginners class is perfect to help you get the most from your climbing. This is our entry level climbing lesson. Matt will teach safety principles required for indoor climbing, as well as the techniques of efficient climbing movement.

Check below for one on one dates as well.


with Di

Coming soon on Thursday evenings

Di's new class is influenced by yoga poses and yin-like holds to guide you through a series of stretches utilising 3 crucial elements of stretching:

- dynamic stretching to increase mobility

- isometric stretching to increase flexibility

- passive stretching to release tension

This will increase your flexibility in the most productive and effective way.

Come stretch it out with her!


Pilates: Form and Focus

Every Tuesday

Pilates: Conditioning for Climbers

with Xian

Every Tuesday

7 - 8pm

A proper workout to strengthen the muscles you need to climb hard… Pilates style ;)

Limited to 4 spaces per class