Women’s Improvers Sessions
with Xian

Every Wednesday

7pm - 8pm

A drop in class that will help you with your technique. You might get a suggestion that helps unlock your project :)


Women’s Improvers

Pilates: Form and Focus
with Xian

Every Tuesday

Pilates: Conditioning for Climbers

with Xian

Every Tuesday

7 - 8pm

A proper workout to strengthen the muscles you need to climb hard… Pilates style ;)

Limited to 4 spaces per class

with Di

Coming soon

Di's new class is influenced by yoga poses and yin-like holds to guide you through a series of stretches utilising 3 crucial elements of stretching:

- dynamic stretching to increase mobility

- isometric stretching to increase flexibility

- passive stretching to release tension

This will increase your flexibility in the most productive and effective way.

Come stretch it out with her!