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Dave, Lashara, Dan, Pia.


Pia Cumine

About Pia
After playing various sports all the way through school and university I accumulated injuries to most of my joints. Injuries coupled with asthma and mental health setbacks during my undergrad degree brought yoga back into my life. Since then yoga has been a key component to strengthening and enabling me to understand my body and thought patterns.

Now as a PhD student, I understand the importance of regular exercise to help clear the mind and body of tension that builds up from sitting behind a desk all day. Forever student… In 2014 I completed a 200hr Anusara Teacher training with Bridget Woods Kramer. Since then I have had the pleasure of studying Vinyasa with Mimi Kuo- Deemer, anatomy with Tiffany Cruikshank and The Art of Teaching One-to- One with Kate Ellis.

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Dan Cole

About Dan
”A hard climber and a good coach”



Class Info:

A strength on conditioning class using a mixture of circuit training, body weight drills and core exercises to help build your strength and fitness.

About Lashara
I started exercising when I was at my heaviest and weighed 76kg. I struggled to do a push-up on my knees, smoked daily and was partial to one too many weekly drinks. This was not a happy time in my life, but I soon realised that I needed change.

With lots of hard work, dedication and consistency within my diet and exercise I began to feel better about myself physically and felt mentally stronger.

I have learned a great deal about myself throughout this journey and as a result, have changed my outlook on life to support my new habits and lifestyle. I've quit smoking and keep drinking to a minimum.

My interest in fitness and nutrition has led me to qualify as a level 3 personal trainer and a nutritional coach. I enjoy a variety of different exercises and believe that variety keeps things fresh and interesting. I ran the London Marathon in 2017 and I also enjoy bouldering, dancing, yoga, martial arts and strength training. These interests influence the way I approach my sessions and add a unique aspect to my training.

I became a personal trainer because I wanted to help others along the same journey to achieve their goals and help them realise their true potential. Sometimes we just need a helping hand. My aim is to enable my clients to educate themselves throughout this process, as I believe that education is the best tool available to better oneself. I will combine my own experience, knowledge and research to simplify the process of improving their health.


David Culver

Personal Training

Dave uses a mixture of functional movements, traditional strength training and climbing specific training to help climbers break plateaus and make gains.

About David

Blocfit was started in 2014 by climber and PT Dave Culver. Before falling into climbing Dave was a spit and sawdust bodybuilder for 10 years. His wealth of strength training knowledge from years in the gym helped him qualify as a level 3 PT specialising in strength and conditioning so that he could pursue his Blocfit dream.

Over the past 4 years Dave has worked with climbing greats such as Neil Gresham, Hazel Findlay and Emma Twyford as well as training GB members such as Matt Cousins, Blocfit has now grown from one on one climbing specific personal training to London’s first dedicated climbing “gym”.